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Uniquely cool. Shop our new patterned styles.

Inspired Design, Modern Technology, Purposefully Crafted

We have taken what you’ve grown to value in glasses and elevated them to the next level. Expertly crafted, straight from the manufacturer with a guarantee we aren’t afraid to stand behind. Our glasses are made of lightweight, premium, eco-friendly materials, infused with the protection of modern technology.

Optically Superior & Protection from the 4 S’s

Our high-quality innovative nylon lens technology provides protection from the sun, sports, screens, and strain and is better for the environment than traditional polycarbonate lenses. 

Quality + Customization

Offering a variety of styles in both frames and lenses, design a pair as unique as you are for every day of the week.

The Fleetwood & Meredith.

Purposefully crafted out of TR9 Swiss technology. The Fleetwood is extremely durable, flexible, and lightweight. TR90 allows for the frame to be resilient to damage, bend accordingly to face shape, and have a "barely-there" feel through its featherlight weight. Yet impeccable style so when you look in the mirror you know who’s boss!