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Blue Light Blocking Technology

For your eyes only. 

In this LED revolution, we’re more conscious than ever of our constant exposure to blue light. From our smartphones to our laptop screens and tablets, we’re discovering more ways to support our natural circadian rhythms and avoid numerous health issues that arise from prolonged exposure to digital devices. 

Enter blue light blocking glasses. Blue light blocking technology seems to be the buzzword of the day - but what exactly is it? These specially-crafted lenses are designed to help reduce potential damage to your retina from chronic exposure to the artificial blue light that comes from our digital devices. Do blue light blocking glasses actually work? Is blue light blocking worth it? At DiversionX, we’ll delve into these questions to help you create an informed decision.

What are the benefits of blue light blocking glasses? 

Blue light blocking glasses are said to come with many benefits, such as:

  • Enhancing your focus
  • Increasing mental sharpness
  • Reducing eye strain
  • Aiding in sleep

Of course, the best way to maintain good eye health is to have regular eye exams as well as take regular breaks throughout the day if you are working from a computer monitor. 

Do blue light blocking glasses really work?

Despite the relatively new technology, there are various studies that claim blue light blocking glasses do work. For example, a 2017 study by the University of Houston discovered that participants who wore blue light glasses showed a 58% increase in their night time melatonin levels. 

Want to test to see if your glasses block blue light? Simply wait for a clear day and hold your glasses towards the sky outside. If your lenses have a slight yellow tint, then you have blue light glasses. When it comes to choosing the best blue light eye strain glasses for you, take into consideration lens color, functionality, and your lifestyle.

How much blue light do glasses block?

It goes without saying that too much artificial blue light during the daytime can negatively affect your mental and physical state. However, keep in mind that blockingall blue light during the day can also have negative effects. Blue light glasses are the ideal middle ground: they are said to block around 6% - 43% blue light. 

Do blue light glasses distort color?

You may be concerned that wearing blue light glasses will distort the color of your screen as you wear them. However, blue light glasses won’t affect your visual function, allowing you to continue seeing the full spectrum of the rainbow. Operating in a similar way to sunglasses that block UV rays with UV protective coating, blue light filters simply block out the HEV light that is linked to eye strain.

The DiversionX difference

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