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91% of Blue Light Blocked Outdoors

2.5% Clearer Indoors

27% Faster Activation

43% of Blue Light Blocked Indoors

7.3% Darker Outdoors

44% Faster Fadeback


Our blue light lens protects your eyes from harmful high energy light by blocking 100% UVB, UVA and filtering blue light.

Blocks 100% UV up to 400 nm

The better the lens, the clearer the view.

Our Nylon Sun Lens Selection

Superior Clarity

Our Nylon sun lenses have superior optical clarity compared to industry standard polycarbonate.

In short, ABBE value describes the amount of chromatic aberration that a lens material has. A higher ABBE value means a less amount of chromatic aberration. So a higher Abbe value means higher optical clarity.

20% Lighter

Our Nylon sun lenses are 20% lighter than polycarbonate making them extremely comfortable to wear while playing sports or any active activity that suits your lifestyle.

Cleaner Vision

Oleophobic coating is included on all of our Nylon sun lenses. The benefits of Oleophobic coating include:

- Easy cleaning of fingerprints

- Improved anti-scratch performance

- Super Hydrophobic meaning water repels easily from the lens surface.

Nylon is Better!

Better for you and better for the environment! Compared to traditional polymers like Polycarbonate, Nylon helps preserve the environment due to its reduced impact through its production method.

Nylon is also BPA free which reduces your exposure to chemical substances.